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Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology
Category: Automotive

Periodicity: monthly (issues: 12/ in months: 12)
Price: $47.88 $19.95 $1.00/issue

the first issue arrives in 6-10 weeks
Magazine size/volume ratio: 1.00 ... what is it?

Every month, the experienced staff of Road Racing World & Motorcycle Technology provides first insight into the world of motorcycle road racing and high performance. International, national and regional road races are covered with detail and depth unavailable on the Internet or anywhere else. Street bike evaluations and product tests are done by professional racers, who can push any bike to its limits and beyond. Technical articles, reports on how gloves, helmets and other gear performed in actual crashes and reports on new products are regular features. Over 200 advertisers provide every type of high performance part and service so that the road racer and street rider can get the same equipment used by professional road racing teams. Many of the products are unavailable anywhere else. Also included is a complete calendar listing international, national and local races, racing schools and track days, and races on TV.

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