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News & Announcements
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11.02.2019 Due to bad weather conditions we will be most probably closed all Monday, we cannot get to work due to icy roads and deep snow. Hopefully we will restore our services on Tuesday 2/12. Thank you for your understanding.

05.02.2019 Due to a snow calamity in Portland area, our warehouse is closed today (Tuesday 02/05). We hope to resume all operations on Wednesday. Thank you for your understanding. Forwardo Shipping.

27.01.2019 USPS Prices were updated to 2019 rates, effective January 27, 2019.

21.12.2018 Holiday schedule: December 22-26 - closed, Dec 27-28 OPEN, Dec 29-Jan 01 closed. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

19.11.2018 In observance of Thanksgiving, Forwardo will be closed on Thursday, November 22nd. All services will resume back on Friday 11/23. Happy Black Friday shopping!

31.08.2018 Our warehouse will be closed on Monday, September 03 due to observing the Labor Day holiday. We will be back on Tuesday, Sept 04. Enjoy prolonged weekend sales.

03.07.2018 Our warehouse will be closed on Wednesday, July 04 due to observing the Independence Day holiday. We will be back on Thursday, July 05.

25.05.2018 Our warehouse will be closed on Monday, May 28 observing Memorial Day holiday. We will be back on Tuesday, May 29.

10.01.2018 Fedex IMS update: we will increase base price of Fedex IMS to $8.50/lb prorated and all shipments will be automatically upgraded to Premium service with 2 weeks average delivery time to improve this service.

02.01.2018 FYI: DHL Express prices went up by average of 4.9% as of January 2nd 2018. It is an annual price increase. Price estimates should already reflect this increase.

29.12.2017 Forwardo will be closed from Dec 29 15:00 until January 2nd 2018 observing New Years Eve. We wish you all the best in the New Year 2018! See you there ... :)

22.11.2017 In observance of Thanksgiving, Forwardo will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd. All services will resume back on Friday 11/24. Happy Black Friday shopping!

20.11.2017 Prices of sea freight via Polonez Parcel are rising approx. by 10%, new prices are effective immediately (on 11/20), as we have received an email couple minutes ago. We are updating pricelists as we speak.

01.09.2017 Forwardo will be closed on Monday 09/04 due to Labor Day federal holiday, we will be back in action on Tuesday 09/05. Enjoy online shopping this weekend, it is full of sales and discounts! :)

28.06.2017 Forwardo will be closed on Monday 07/03 and Tuesday 07/04 due to Day of Independence federal holiday, we will be back in action on Wednesday 07/05.

25.05.2017 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND: Forwardo warehouse will be closed on Monday, May 29 due to federal holiday. We will be back in action on Tuesday May 30. Enjoy sales and discounts this weekend. Great opportunity to purchase whatever you wished to buy :)

19.05.2017 DATA MIGRATION: we will be moving our system onto new hardware this weekend May 20-21, we expect 24-48 hour delay in propagation of changes and our services might be inaccessible at that time. We should be back online by Monday. Thanks for your patience.

06.02.2017 We are introducing Fedex IMS service - truly affordable shipping solution for small parcels and magazines around the World. Shipping prices start at just $3.75 for 0.5 lbs, introductory fees for single-item FIMS shipments upto 1 lbs only $4.90!

12.01.2017 We are still experiencing difficulties in Oregon due to the snowfall and bad weather conditions, shipments might be delayed till Friday. We apology for this incovenience.

11.01.2017 EPIC SNOW STORM: Due to a severe weather conditions warehouse in Milwaukie will be closed on Wednesday 01/11, we will hopefully reopen on Thursday 01/12. We do apologize for this inconvenience.

03.01.2017 DHL rates 2017: we are currently in the process of updating our system to DHL rates valid from Tuesday 01/03/2017. Price calculators should be updated within 24 hours to show correct rates for all destinations.

03.01.2017 Good news from USPS: 2017 prices for Priority Mail, Express Mail and First Class Mail International will remain the same as last year. Hoorray! :)

23.12.2016 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: we will be closed on Monday 12/26, Friday 12/30 and Monday 01/02, business hours between Tuesday 12/27 to Thursday 12/29 will be reduced to 10am - 3pm. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017.

23.11.2016 We are closed on Thursday 11/24 obesrving Thanksgiving holiday, all services will resume on Black Friday 11/25. Prepare your cards for shopping frenzy!

23.11.2016 DHL Update 11/23 5pm: judge ordered to cease the strike, flights should resume soon.

23.11.2016 DHL pilots went on strike on Tuesday 11/22, our shipments are being held in DHL hub in Cincinnati, DHL tries to put pilots back into planes asap and deliver your shipments. We are sorry for the delays in transit.

27.10.2016 TNT shipping carrier has been discontinued, company has been acquired by Fedex. We will try to introduce alternative carrier in early 2017.

07.10.2016 Forwardo will be closed this Monday 10/10 due to Columbus Day holiday, we will resume our operation on Tuesday 10/11. Enjoy your shopping during Columbus Day Weekend.

04.09.2016 Forwardo will be closed this Monday 09/05 due to Labor Day holiday, we will resume our operation on Tuesday 09/06. Enjoy your shopping during Labor Day Monday.

27.07.2016 Milwaukie warehouse will be closed on August 1st and 2nd. All shipments in transit will be delivered and processed on Wednesday Aug 3rd. We will be also undergoing database maintenance and our websites might be inaccessible for short period of time.

06.06.2016 PDX: problem with deliveries by Fedex Groud solved, previous tenant redirected address and Fedex forgot to cancel that. Fedex will try and deliver all shipments in transit even if they were marked for return as refused.

31.05.2016 We have little lag in inbound queue, all your shipments delivered on Tuesday will be entered into your Mailboxes during Wednesday, accept our apology for this little delay related to the warehouse move. Thank you.

31.05.2016 We are currently setting up the new warehouse in Milwaukie and unpacking the truckload of shipments, some outbound shipments might be delayed by 1-2 days. We are sorry for any inconvenience, we are working hard to avoid any interuptions in service.

19.05.2016 Lithium batteries are not allowed onboard of airplanes, we can ship them only with DHL Express and battery must be part of electronic apparatus like cellphone, camera or laptop, We cannot ship sole lithium batteries anymore.

19.02.2016 There are issues with Paypal reported around the World, if you encounter a problem or cannot see your payment in your Forwardo account, open a Trouble ticket in Customer support, please. Thank you for your patience.

23.01.2016 Due to an Internet outage in our warehouse on Friday afternoon we were not able to dispatch some of Firdays shipments. Everything will ship out on Monday. We apologize for this inconvenience.

14.01.2016 Friday, January 15 is the last day you can ship with USPS for old 2015 rates. USPS prices will go up this weekend.

14.12.2015 All open support tickets will be answered on Tuesday, we are currently working 24/7 on dispatching all closed outbound shipments ASAP to reach its destination before Christmas.

25.11.2015 Forwardo will be closed on Thursday, November 26 observing Thanksgiving Day holiday and we will resume operations on Friday Nov 27, 2015. Hey, it's black Friday soon, check the deals online :)

06.09.2015 Forwardo will be closed on September 7 observing Labor Day holiday and we will resume operations on Tuesday Sept 8, 2015.

31.05.2015 USPS updated prices for International shipments rising prices of postage by 6-7% in average effective May 31, 2015. We are updating pricelist as we speak.

24.05.2015 Forwardo will be closed on May 25 observing Memorial Day holiday and we will resume operations on Tuesday May 26, 2015.

30.12.2014 Forwardo will be closed on Dec 31 and on New Years Eve and we will resume operations on Friday Jan 2, 2015. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

23.12.2014 Due to problems with Internet connection in our warehouse all shipments closed today will be dispatched next business day, that is Monday Dec 29. We do sincerely apology for this delay.

26.11.2014 THANKSGIVING: on Thursday 11/27 Forwardo will be closed observing Thanksgiving holidays. We will resume our services on Friday 11/28.

19.10.2014 Paypal issue update: in next couple of days Forwardo payments will show up on your Paypal statements as Spreado Dev LLC. Paypal Payment gateway is functional now.

17.10.2014 Our Paypal account access has been limited, we are resolving the issue, it should be resolved over the weekend. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

12.10.2014 On Monday October 13 we are observing Columbus Day federal holiday, Forwardo will be closed and all functions will resume on Tuesday October 14.

31.08.2014 Forwardo warehouse will be closed on Monday September 1, due to Labor Day holiday. We will be back on Tuesday September 2nd.

20.07.2014 We are migrating User Administration to new powerful hadrware to enhance accessibility in peak hours. If you encounter any errors we would appreciate your feedback in Support section. Thank you.

02.07.2014 Forwardo will be closed on Friday July 4th due to Independece Day holiday. We will be back on Monday 7/7.

27.05.2014 Forwardo will be closed on Friday May 30 and will be back Monday June 2.

24.05.2014 Forwardo will be closed on Monday May 26 due to Memorial Day holiday. We will be back on Tuesday 5/27.

26.01.2014 USPS prices have been updated to 2014 rates in effect from January 26, 2014. There is about 4% increase in prices for this year.

30.12.2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! We will be closed on Wednesday Jan 01 treating hangovers and everything will start all over on Thursday Jan 02. Best wishes 2014 from all Forwardo Team :)

11.10.2013 Columbus Day - we will be closed on Monday October 14 in observance of Columbus Day. Regular work schedule will resume on Tuesday October 15.

30.08.2013 Labor Day - we will be closed on Monday September 2 in observance of Labor Day. Regular work schedule will resume on Tuesday September 3.

19.08.2013 Problem with attachment upload errors has been resolved and file uploads work as usual in customer support and shipping modules.

19.08.2013 We are experiencing problems with attachment uploads in customer support. Currently working on fix. Be patient, please. Thank you.

03.07.2013 Forwardo will be closed on 4th of July. observing the Independence Day. Will be back on Friday 07/05.

12.05.2013 Dataserver migrated again onto a new machine. This time you should experience much faster loading of User Administration website. If you experience any unexpected technical problems, let us know, please. Thank you.

17.04.2013 We are sorry for slow loading or not responding pages today, we are in the middle of server migration between datacenters and it might cause connection problems during the day. We are working as fast as possible to finish the migration. Thank you.

08.04.2013 We have extended our in-house tracking search engine with TNT Express service and have made significant changes to display of search results for DHL Express shipments to make them easy to read.

07.04.2013 Paypal payment has been integrated into New Outbound Shipment form in Step 8. From now on, if you have insufficient balance, you can pay for your shipment directly through Paypal.

07.04.2013 We have introduced ZIP code option in Quote search form, for your to check if your address is subject to Remote Area Service surcharges by DHL Express and TNT Express/Economy. Same function has been added into New outbound shipment form as well.

31.03.2013 Forwardo has migrated to a new, robust and scalable database server. All data have been migrated, if you encounter any problems, let us know by opening new support ticket, please. Thank you.

27.03.2013 Introducing new sea freight line to Slovenia, price $1.50/lb + $10 flat fee, minimum 20 lbs. Approx. delivery time 10-13 weeks.

27.03.2013 We are introducing new sea freight lines to Germany, Romania and Bulgaria. Departures once a month, approx. delivery time is 10 weeks, prices $1.55 per pound plus $10 flat fee per package. Minimum weight charge is 20 lbs.

26.03.2013 Official start for TNT Economy and Express has be rescheduled for April 2, 2013, right after Easter.

16.03.2013 Prepare for Wednesday - We are introducing new TNT Economy service to South America, namely Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru! Prices starting at $27.90 (compare to $41 for USPS PMI) with approx. two weeks delivery time. Hooray :)

16.03.2013 To all sailors: we have opened new destinations in Caribbean - all major islands are now served in four days! Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Caymans, Haiti, ... you name it, we ship there :)

06.03.2013 We no longer accept payments from Paypal accounts under different name than account holder of Forwardo account.

17.02.2013 Feb 18 - we will be closed on Monday, February 18 in observance of The Presidents Day. Normal operation will resume on Tuesday, Feb 19.

25.01.2013 USPS prices were updated for 2013 pricelist active from Sunday, January 27. This rise comes into action every year and this year increased prices for International shipments roughly by 8.5%

06.01.2013 We have updated pricing for DHL Express 2013, there is a good news, higher price for shipping was balanced by lower fuel surcharges and final prices are about the same as in previous year. Happy Days :)

29.12.2012 We are closed and will re-open again on January 2, 2013.

Thank you for being a part of Forwardo family. Happy New Year 2013!

11.11.2012 November 12, we are closed due to observing federal holiday Veterans Day. We will be back on Tuesday 11/13

29.10.2012 Due to the Hurricane Sandy air shipments from East Coast will be several days delayed. Most of the flights were canceled.

07.10.2012 Monday Oct 08 Forwardo will be closed observing Columbus Day holiday, we will be back again on Tuesday.

18.09.2012 Due to planned work on electric circuits in our building we will be closed for most of the day on Friday 09/21. Shipments scheduled for Friday will be dispatched on Monday. Thank you for your understanding.

02.09.2012 Monday Sep 03 Forwardo will be closed observing Labor Day holiday, we will be back again on Tuesday.

03.07.2012 4th of July: Forwardo will be closed for celebration, we will be back on Thursday 07/05.

27.05.2012 05/28 is Memorial Day - Federal holiday - Forwardo will be closed and all services will resume on Tuesday.

16.02.2012 Monday, February 20, 2012 is Presidents Day - federal holiday, Forwardo will be closed that day and will resume normaln operations on Tuesday Feb 21.

30.12.2011 We will be closed on Monday 01/02 - federal holiday. We will be back on Tuesday 01/03. Happy New Year!

23.11.2011 We will be closed on Thursday 11/25 celebrating Thanksgiving Day - federal holiday. We will be back on Black Friday 11/26 start of the best shopping weekend of the year. Get ready!

10.11.2011 On Friday 11/11 is Veterans Day - federal holiday, USPS is not delivering nor picking up shipments. All USPS shipments will be delivered/shipped on Monday.

04.09.2011 Monday, September 5 is a federal Holiday, Forwardo company is closed that day. We will resume normal operations on Tuesday, Sept 6th.

27.05.2010 Monday May 31st - federal holiday - expect huge sales online. Start shopping early!

11.07.2009 This is our first admin tweet in new administration. Welcome to the new support haven. Your support. Enjoy!

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