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About Us

We are innovative mail forwarding service provider with strong background in either IT and shipping. We provide the easiest solutions and many additional services for buyers from overseas to purchase goods in the US and ship them to their home country.

Our main market are buyers from Central Europe but we are launching new services every day and extending our range to other countries arround the World.

Since 2005 we have received and forwarded over 100.000 shipments. We can offer great deals on shipping with USPS, Fedex, DHL, Air or Sea Freight. You can ship small radio or yacht hull, there are almost no limits. You can remail one small parcel or consolidate ten small packages into one large and save lots of money on International shipping. Shopping with us is convenient, saves time, money and nerves.

Become a part of 10.000+ family of our loyal customers and friends. Get your free account now and start shopping in five minutes - it's that easy!

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