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Polonez Parcel Service
(sea cargo shipping)

Forwardo is authorized dealer of spedition Polonez Parcel Service for San Francisco Bay Area.

Sea Freight Container shipments are provided by US/Polish spedition Polonez Parcel Service. Delivery is limited to the following countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

  • we can delliver shipments exceeding dimensional and weight limitations of postal service (excl. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan),
  • affordable price - all inclusive about $6-7 USD per kg,
  • door-to-door shipments,
  • shipments with declared value upto $45 have fast customs processing,

  • long delivery times, 6-12 weeks depending on destination and season,
  • fragile shipments must be very carefully packed and cushioned, it's a container shipping,
  • shipments are dispatched only once a month, usually after first weekend of the month if it's not federal holiday,
  • for high volumes Polonez Parcel implies volumetric weights based on following formula
    length x width x depth / 140 = volumetric weight

  • each package cannot exceed weight of 200 lb, heavier packages are shipped based on volume
  • dimensions are not strictly limited but we must be able to manipulate it, there are oversize fees applied if one or more dimensions exceeds 2 meters length.
  • minimum accountable weight is 20 lbs. (9 kg) - all packages weighing less than 20 lbs are automatically charged as 20 lbs.
  • overweight fees are incured on packages with weight exceeding 70 lbs - fee is $1 per pound over 70lbs limit, example: 100 lbs shipment will be charged overweight fee of $30

Shipment insurance
Insurance fee is $5 for each $100 of value (5%), insurance claims are accepted only in case of complete loss or total damage of shipment.

Destination countries
Polonez Parcel Service delivers only to following countries: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan a Uzbekistan.

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