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DHL Express

We have signed a deal with DHL in May 2012 to offer you the speediest and most affirdable shipping service all around the World. Prices we can offer to you, our customers are mostly as good as shipping with USPS Priority mail but with almost uncomparable level of service. This is your alternative to ship content of your mailbox to your home address.

DHL delivers shipments faster than USPS and is able to ship packages exceeding weight and dimensional limitations of USPS. Also customs proceedings are faster and easier than with postal service in many countries.

On the positive side we can also add detailed tracking of all shipments with estimated delivery times and very friendly support in case of problems.

Standard delivery time to most of the World is 3 days! (and imagine that we are shipping against the time zones, it makes the delivery times even more interesting).

Shipments shipped out on Friday are usually delivered following Monday and you can watch real-time tracking.

All shipments are being handled by customs office run by DHL and they are delivered right to the destination address (door-to-door).

All shipments have state-of-the-art detailed tracking.

Interesting fact:
Forwardo company sits right next to the San Francisco Airport (SFO) overseeing DHL cargo planes and we are the last company on the pickup route. That means your shipments closed at midnight Central European time will be picked up by carrier the same day and loaded into plane two hours later on the route to Los Angeles, then reloaded to huge new Boeing 777 departing to Leipzig, Germany the same night. The fastest shipments can make it to the destination address even in 48 hours and now deduct 9 hours of time difference. That's some speed for standard price, isn't it? :))

Dimension of shipments is not strictly regulated (it just has to fit the airplane), also there is no known limit on weight. Large shipments have slower delivery though, about 4-5 days.

Price of the shipment is based on volumetric weight, to get the correct volumetric weight use formula length + width + depth (in inches) / 139. If this value is higher than actual weight of the shipment, you will be charged based on volumetric weight.

  • oversized shipment
    Shipments where on or more sides exceeds 48 inches (122 cm) will be subject of surcharge of 50 USD.

  • remote area service
    If you live far from DHL Depot your place might be considered as remote, DHL applies surcharge of 26 USD for delivery to Remote Service Areas. You can avoid this problem by shipping your stuff to friends or family living closer to the source.

    Check if your ZIP code (Postal Code) is subject of RAS surcharge here:
     ZIP code:  » 

Handling of DHL shipments in Forwardo

When you close your new outbound shipment you will be offered shipping price based on acutal weight of the shipment. If consolidated shipment has higher volumetric weight you will be informed prior to dispatch about the new shipment price and also offered alternatives and prices to ship out your shipment. After you confirm changes your shipment will be dispatched.

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