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Fedex IMS
(International Mail Service)

Fedex IMS Standard
This is an economical alternative to USPS First Class Mail for small and light shipments. It's ideal for smail invaluable shipments like clothing, shoes, magazines or small books.

Service principle: package is picked up by Fedex, shipped to sorting center in Los Angeles and by Fedex airplanes delivered to destination country. Then it's being handed to local post service for customs proceedings and delivered by local post service like you would send it by domestic mail in your country.

Shipments sent with Fedex IMS cannot be insured and their value cannot exceed $150. There is no tracking for these shipments too. Use of this service is limited, it's worth the price but consider if you wouldn't rather use trackable and insurable service of USPS.

Maximum weight 4.4 lbs (2 kg).
No dimension cannot exceed 23 inches (58.5 cm).
Sum of dimensions (length + width + depth) cannot exceed 35 inches (89 cm)
Minimum accountable weight is 0.5 lbs (200 grams)

Forwardo offers special pricing for FIMS Standard with minimum accountable weight just 0.5 lbs (200 grams), priced at $3.75. It's the lowest postage from the U.S. you can get for small package.

Delivery times differ country to country, usually it takes 10-14 days to hand the shipment to your national postal system for delivery, the rest is upto local standards.

Prices to your destination can be compared with Quote Calculator on left.

Fedex IMS shipments CANNOT BE INSURED!
There is no tracking for Fedex IMS and you cannot claim loss of shipment. Shipping with this low-cost service is upon your consideration and there are no refunds. For valuable shipments use shipping carriers with online tracking and insurance instead.

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