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Smart Mailbox services provide physical address in the U.S. with online access 24 hours a day. Thanks to User Administration users have full control over the content of their mailboxes. You are automatically notified about arrival of new shipment to your email address. Every shipment is recorded in our state-of-the-art system and you get information about sender, shipment type, weight, dimensions for larger items and tracking number of the shipment.

Mailbox content or its part can be easily used to setup new outbound shipment to any country around the World that is served by our contracted carriers like USPS, Fedex, Dachser etc.

Mailbox Address
Address of your mailbox with Forwardo is as follows

First name Last name
1461 San Mateo Ave, Suite 4
#[mailbox number]
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Always use only name of the customer renting the mailbox.

Mailbox size and shipment storage limitations
To your Mailbox you can send any kind of shipment that is not against the laws of United States and state of California. Size of your mailbox is flexible according to your needs. You are welcome to store a stroller, golf clubs or ski. We cannot store motor vehicles for you.

Inbound shipments are sorted into four categories.
  1. small envelope - envelope with max. format A5 and weight upto 1 lbs
  2. large envelope - envelopes upto 2 lbs, max. format A3 and 1 inch thick
  3. package - everything larger than large envelope. Shipments in larger boxes that might exceed dimensional limitations of certain carriers have also dimensions recorded upon arrival and they are marked as Large.
  4. periodicals - magazines, newspapers and any printed matter bulletiny

Shipments in categories "large envelope" and "package" can be stored in rented mailbox for maximum of 30 days for Standard Account, maximum of 60 days for Premium accounts (while the mailbox is still prepaid), holders Golden Accounts can store packages for 90 days from the date of arrival. Shipments in categories "small envelope" and "periodicals" can be stored for maximum 365 days.

Price and Payments
Standard Account Mailbox has no monthly payments and never expires, you pay fees for inbound shipments, $3 per package and $1 per magazine or small envelope. If you have more than six packages or you want to store zour packages longer than 30 days a month, consider upgrade to Premium or Gold account and save on fees.

Premium Account Under Premium Account there are no charges for inbound shipments and magazines. Included is storage of your packages for 60 days and magazines and small envelopes for 365 days.
Mailbox rental can be paid through User Administration system. Minimum rental period is 30 days. You can save a lot on Mailbox rental by 6-month or 1-year subscription.

 Premium Account Mailbox rental prices:
  • 1 month ... 9.90 USD
  • 6 months subscription ... 49 USD ($8.16 USD/month)
  • 12 months subscription ... 75 USD ($6.25 USD/month)

Gold Account
One year of Premium Mailbox is included in Gold Account setup and storage limit for packages is extended to 90 days.

Note: can you imagine mailbox rental with 24 hour online access and customer support anywhere in Europe for 8 EUR a month? And we can do it even cheaper ...

You can process payment from Your account balance with Forwardo or by direct payment through Paypal.

Premium Mailbox Expiration - and what happens to the packages
Our clients are notified about upcoming expiration by several emails. In case the rental hasn't been covered we remove privileges to maintain Mailbox content until the owed rental fees are covered. In situation that unempty mailbox is not paid for period exceeding 6 months, Mailbox is cancelled and its content is quarantined and sold in public auction. Amount received in this auction is then used to cover the owed rental fees for the Mailbox.

In case you have doubts about expiration of your Mailbox or the date of expiration seems to be incorrect, contact Customer Support, we will be happy check it out for you.

Standard Mailbox Storage Limit
If your package stays in the Mailbox for more than 30 days you are entitled to purchase extended storage for $5 per each 30 day period of storage. Un-extended packages stored longer than 6 months are considered as abandoned and are removed from the Mailbox and destroyed.

Letter and magazines stored in he Mailbox more than a year are also considered as abandoned and trashed.

 Tip: To prevent charges for extended storage you might upgrade to Premium account and extend the period of all packages by 30 days automatically, but you have to cover Premium account rental back one month, meaning you have to pay two months rental minimum but you are not going to be charged for inbound shipment fees.

Limitations - what Mailbox cannot be used for
Mailbox address cannot be used to issue payment instruments like credit cards.
Mailbox address cannot be used as your home address, it cannot be used while you are applying for Visas.

Mailbox cannot be used to receive any shipments its content is against the Law of United States or laws of state of California. Especially it cannot be used for receival and storage of explosives, toxic substances, drugs, chemicals, weapons and their parts of any kind, unstable substances, radioactive materials. Mailbox cannot be used also for forwarding of live plants, animals, body parts and perishable contents.

Premium Mailbox Hibernation
If you are not planning on using Premium Mailbox in the near future you can either downgrade to Standard account with no monthly payments or you can Hibernate the Mailbox.

Advantages of hibernation
By Hibernation you will keep part of prepaid Premium Mailbox subscription intact. Hibernated Mailbox is ready to receive new shipment anytime and de/hibernate itself by new inbound shipment.

Mailbox can be hibernated only if it's empty. Immediately after the hibernation you will be charged $1 as a cover fee for 30 days of hibernation. During hibernation are all functions frozen but your Mailbox is ready to receive new shipment. We will charge you $1 fee for every 30 days of hibernation after. If there is not sufficient balance on your account to cover the hibernation fees your Mailbox will be de-hibernated.

Hibernation accounting and already prepaid period
In case you have prepaid Mailbox for certain period and during this rental period you will hibernate your Mailbox, we will save the date of hibernation and after de-hibernation we will count amount of days your Mailbox has been hibernated and will add it to your current expiration.

Example: Your mailbox expires on 12.6.2011 and you will hibernate it on 1.3.2010. After that you will automatically de-hibernate the Mailbox on 14.4.2011 by new incoming package. Length of hibernation was 45 days and expiration of your mailbox was updated to 27.7.2011.

Premium Mailbox rental termination
You can terminate rental of you Premium Mailbox by sending new ticket to Customer Support. We will downgrade your account to Standard with no monthly fees.
To switch to Standard account your Mailbox must be empty and balance of your account cannot be negative.

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