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USPS PMI - Priority Mail International
(formerly USPS Airmail)

Airmail shipping

Delivery times are approx. 7-14 days. Delivery times can be affected by local customs service, delivery times cannot be guaranteed by carrier.

Shipping price
You can get shipping quote in Instant Quote calculator on the left.

Shipment Tracking
All International shipments are equipped with tracking barcode on customs form that is being scanned on the way. Through tracking application at you can watch package during transport until delivery.

Main points where the shipment is scanned
  1. package received by post sorting center (Acceptance)
  2. package shipped out of the United States - loaded on plane (International Dispatch)
  3. package received by customs office in destination country (Into Foreign Customs)
  4. package left customs to be delivered by local postal service (Out of Foreign Customs)
  5. package delivery (Delivery)

Shipment insurance
Airmail shipments other than USPS PMI flat rate envelopes can be insured, base insurance rate is 2.75 for value upto $100 and then adds $0.90 USD for each $100 of value. Insurance value cannot be higher than declared value of shipment in customs form.

If you gonna ship package with higher value we recommend for shipment to be on the way as short time as possible. For that reason we recommend express shipping with USPS Express Mail International (formerly USPS EMS). Insurance is also cheaper with USPS EMI.


Content limitations:
you cannot ship any content that is illegal in the United States and destination country. Especially we are talking about drug, weapons, live animals, perishables, fuel, explosives, unstable substances, containers under pressure (sprays, propane tanks, paintball tanks etc.).

Weight limits: max. 66 lb. per shipment. There might be other limitations for certain destination countries.

Dimensional limits:
these differ according to shipment destination

  • length - the longest side of the package
  • volume (girth+length) sum of length and girth of the package (take tape measure roll it around the package and you get girth, then add length)

  • limits for European Union are

    length 60″ (152.40 cm)

    volume 108″ (274.3 cm)

    If you add into one consolidated shipment items that were marked as Large or big amount of smaller items, shipment can exceed volume limits for given destination. In that case we will split the shipment into two packages. .

    Customs declaration

    Customs declaration is filled up by Forwardo for you based on information provided in the Outbound Shipment Setup form. Make sure you enter all the content into the form to prevent delays of the shipment in customs in destination country.

    We consider all shipments as private, if you are shipping merchandise for sale, don't forget to mark your shipment as merchandise. Remember that there is no tax free limit for merchandise.

    Each shipment should be accompanied with invoices for purchased content to prevent delays in customs. You can attach these invoices in the Outbound Shipment Setup form. Use only common formats of document eg .doc, .xls, .pdf. These documents will be printed out and attached to the customs declaration.

    Note: Don't try to declare content as Repair because customs will request documents when item has been shipped to the U.S. for repair first.

    Customs and taxes

    This chapter is mostly about practices in European Union.
    When importing goods from countries out of EU, your package will be checked by customs and based on declared value the shipment will be passed through as duty-free or you will have to pay customs fees and VAT. Duty free shipments are considered shipments with value upto 150 EUR of value shipped in between two private parties. Shipment shipped from Mailbox are shipped under your name so they are fine with this rule.

    We are not responsible for any taxes and duties applied in the destination country by customs. These charges are not part of postage price nor fees charged by Forwardo.

    Shipment delivery

    All shipments shipped with USPS are being delivered by local postal service. They will be delivered the same way as domestic shipments.In case you were not at home during delivery your shipment will be stored at local post office usually for 2 weeks. Check tracking of your shipment regularly to prevent sending the package back to us. Shipments with USPS EMI are usually being delivered also on Sundays!

    USPS offers special formats of boxes PMI Flat Rate in three sizes for flat prices.
    Click here to find more information.

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