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Each client has it's individual internal wallet with Forwardo, it's balance can be used for service payments, subscriptions, postage or personal shopping expenses. Your default wallet currency is US Dollar and it can be re-filled by several different options depending of country of your residence. Balance of your wallet is all transactions are available througout the User Administration.

Bank account
Direct bank account deposits

Direct deposits are available in several European countries, namely Czech Republic (CZK), Germany (EUR), Slovak Republic (EUR). Accounts in Slovak Republic and Germany can be used by all citizens of European Union as well. While sending from any EU country to bank in Slovakia, the transfer is being handled as "domestic" and you don't pay any cross-border or conversion fees to your bank. Deposits in currency other than US Dollar are converted to default US Dollar with currency ratio published on our website and updated daily at 10.00 CET (Central European Time).

Each deposit must contain your unique Variable Code assigned to you during registration, it's prefix 212 followed by your user number (example - user no.12115 has Variable Code 21212115).

Daily deposits are being transferd to your wallet every work day (except federal holidays) between 10-12am PST (Pacific Standard Time = CET-8 hours) and can be used immediately.

Deposit fee is 2.4% from amount deposited and they cover wire transfer fees to the US and intraday volatility in currency ratio trading.

Bank Account numbers for European Union are:

  CSOB Slovakia
Account: Anna Zemanova -
Account no.: 4006542079/7500
IBAN: SK14 7500 0000 0040 0654 2079, BIC (SWIFT): CEKOSKBX
Address: CSOB, Michalska 18, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

 In User Administration you can find tool called Deposit Wizard, it will tell you how much to deposit in your local currency and deposit options available for your country as well.

Deposits via Paypal
If you have registered Paypal account, you can deposit money instantly to your Forwardo Wallet.
Send deposits in USD currency only to account:

Don't forget to specify your Forwardo account number in payment description.
Paypla deposits are processed several times a day.

Paypal charges following fees $0.35 per transaction + 3.9% from deposited amount.

If your default currency is USD and your deposit is covered by account balance, you can use Private transaction and pay only 1% in Paypal fees.

Forwardo doesn't charge any fees from deposits via Paypal.

 Paypal deposit can be used also if you want to pay with debit/credit card issued by VISA, Mastercard or American Express and you are not even required to have Paypal account registered.

 Paypal direct money transfer form

How do we set daily currency exchange ratios?
We use state-of-the-art technology to balance exchange ratios in banks we have established bank account based on volume traded in each bank.

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