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Shipping from United States to India
currency: INR
Import VAT: 12.50%
Duty Free Limit: N/A INR

Available Carriers

Shipping prices
Check actual shipping rates for any weight upto 130 lbs and all available carriers to India by entering weight and possibly dimensions of your package into form in the left column.

Remember: dimensions are crucial for all carriers except for USPS where you just have to fit into dimensional and weight limit.

USPS conditions and limitations
  Priority Mail International (USPS PMI)
Express Mail International (USPS EMI)
maximum girth: 79 inch maximum girth: 79 inch
maximum length: 42 inch maximum length: 42 inch
maximum weight: 44 lbs maximum weight: 70 lbs
maximum insurance allowed: $2189.00 more at USPS website

Customs limitations and Duty Free Info
Value Rules for Customs Duty and Tax
The ad valorem rates of duties are subjected to the value of a product. This value is generally constituted by the elements of cost, insurance and freight. In addition landing charges are also added to the CIF at 1% of CIF value to arrive at the assessed value of goods.

If the breakdown of Cost, Insurance and Freight is not clearly provided on the invoice, customs may load the value of these categories as: -

Insurance at 1.125%
Freight at 20%

(For Clearance of bona fide samples the duties and taxes applicable, if any are calculated on the FOB value and Freight, Insurance and Landing Fee is not loaded for the calculation of Duties and Taxes).

Do you live in country not covered yet? Let us know, we will check with our carriers and find the way(s) how to deliver your packages as well.

If you find outdated or incorrect information about any country, let us know, please. We will honor important info by prepaid Premium account.

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