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Shipping from United States to Switzerland
currency: CHF
currency exchange: 1 USD = 0.91CHF
Import VAT: 7.60%
Duty Free Limit: 100 CHF

Available Carriers

Shipping prices
Check actual shipping rates for any weight upto 130 lbs and all available carriers to Switzerland by entering weight and possibly dimensions of your package into form in the left column.

Remember: dimensions are crucial for all carriers except for USPS where you just have to fit into dimensional and weight limit.

USPS conditions and limitations
  Priority Mail International (USPS PMI)
Express Mail International (USPS EMI)
maximum girth: 108 inch maximum girth: 108 inch
maximum length: 60 inch maximum length: 60 inch
maximum weight: 66 lbs maximum weight: 66 lbs
maximum insurance allowed: $650.00 more at USPS website

Customs limitations and Duty Free Info
Duty Rates
Customs duties are assessed at a "specific" rate (i.e. a set amount) and are usually based on the gross weight of the imported product (inclusive of weight of packaging). However, because Customs may use their discretion and base duty on the net weight instead of the gross weight for certain goods (tobacco, watches, jewelry, etc.) that have very high duty rates, it is recommended that the exporter include both net and gross weight of each product on the commercial invoice and waybill whenever possible. Rates of duty vary based on the specific commodity and are available in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of Switzerland. Although the rate is as high as 3,999 CHF/kg gross, import customs duties usually are between 0 and 40 CHF/kg gross. In some circumstances, anti-dumping or countervailing measures, which result in the imposition of additional rates of duty, may also apply.

Imports that qualify for customs duty exemptions (but may be subject to tax)

* Containers used to transport goods (i.e. pallets, crates, etc.)
* Low value merchandise transported in the postal system in typical packaging
* Merchandise in small quantities transported across the border by travelers
* Samples not exceeding 50 CHF per shipment
* Goods exported and returned in an unaltered condition (proof of export may be required)
* Personal goods accompanying a Swiss or foreign traveler
* Inherited goods

Personal Effects
Shipments that are the personal property of a Swiss citizen are eligible for duty and tax free entry providing that the customs invoice for the shipment has a declaration that the contents are personal property owned by the importer for at least 6 months. Duty-free duty exemptions are also available on items inherited by a Swiss citizen from someone abroad and for foreigners who are marrying Swiss citizens providing that the proper customs forms are completed and submitted to Swiss Customs at time of entry.

Goods imported into Switzerland as samples are eligible for exemption from duty and VAT tax providing the shipment is valued at 50 CHF or less. Sample goods must also comply with the regulatory requirements associated with the specific goods being entered.

Exemption from duty and tax is granted to unsolicited gift shipments valued at 100 CHF per person or less providing they are between private parties and do not contain tobacco, liquor, coffee, tea, oil, meat or poultry products.

Do you live in country not covered yet? Let us know, we will check with our carriers and find the way(s) how to deliver your packages as well.

If you find outdated or incorrect information about any country, let us know, please. We will honor important info by prepaid Premium account.

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