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Category: Travel & Regional

Periodicity: monthly (issues: 12/ in months: 12)
Price: $59.88 $16.00 $3.33/issue

the first issue arrives in 6-10 weeks
Magazine size/volume ratio: 1.40 ... what is it?

Sunset celebrates the promise of the West. It covers travel, garden, home, and food, guiding readers to experiences and advantages only the West can offer. Sunset provides foolproof yet adventurous recipes, step-by-step gardening information, ingenious designs for homes and outdoor-living spaces, and travel discoveries for day trips and weekend escapes. It inspires its audience with new ideas and show them how they can easily make them their own. Sunset focus on serving homeowners in the 13 Western states, with content customized into five editions: Northern California, Southern California, Northwest, Mountain, and Southwest. Localized content for each edition includes a five-page Weekend Guide and garden advice tailored to the distinct growing conditions in each area.

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