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Category: Travel & Regional

Periodicity: bimonthly (issues: 8/ in months: 12)
Price: $39.60 $24.00 $2.66/issue
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the first issue arrives in 12-16 weeks
Magazine size/volume ratio: 1.30 ... what is it?

"Destinations, Adventures, Dreams" promises the masthead, and this magazine delivers. Unlike many other travel magazines that are really general lifestyle publications, Islands focuses entirely on islands--as vacation destinations and as cultures. Packed with information helpful for planning a vacation, this magazine helps make the dream a reality, spotlighting a wide variety of price points and destinations. While giving great attention to tropical climates, contributors also visit temperate locations. Stories are written with a personal touch--personal experiences intermingle with details on the location, including social, economic, and political dimensions. Vivid photographs and maps give the reader a better sense of the locations (and a desire to visit immediately!). Advertisements pertain directly to vacation planning, including rentals, resorts, and airfares. Subscribe for the dream of the island getaway, but be careful--you may just find yourself booking it.

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